I'm a 26 year old hausfrau. Is that normal? Nope. But I'm learning to appreciate my free time and everything this beautiful city and country have to offer.

I moved here in January with my husband for his job. Obviously, I left mine. I fell in love with the blog world almost immediately after arriving, by spending my time reading healthy living blogs. I'm learning to cook, getting better at photography, and finding things here to fill my days. I started this blog at the end of May because I was typing almost the exact same email, multiple times, and sending out to all of my family and friends. I figured this was an easy way to keep everyone updated on our life over here, and hoped that it would be a good creative outlet or hobby for myself. 

My husband's a stud. My dog is a doll. And my friends (and family) are to die for. Follow along as I introduce you to them all, and give you a tiny peek at Z├╝rich - a city with it's own language, seemingly crazy rules, and irrefutable charm.