Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Recap.

Friday I attended a "Lunch Flow" yoga class at the Fabrikstrasse location. I loved the teacher - she had one of the sickest bodies I'd ever seen. I asked her if she did any other kind of exercise, hoping she'd say "Nope! Just yoga!" which would give me a fighting chance to try and get her body. Unfortunately she's also a dancer. Oh well. I went to that class with a friend, and then ran over to the Viadukt Markt Halle because I'd never been there. This place was awesome. I have to go back and take pictures to show you - I loved it. There were tons of different stands with specialty foods: bread, meat, fruit, cheese, as well as wines, olive oils - everything! I bought an "Indian Mango" and then some cheddar from the British Cheese guy. This man has actually made a few appearances at the American Women's Club here, and his cheese is awesome. Cheddar is hard to find in Zurich, and when you do it tastes kind of "iffy." This guy's cheese is the bomb.

Succulent Indian Mango

Cheddar that costs 14 CHF - and worth every... rappen?

That night, we went to a dinner party at our friends Dieter and Piia's place. I wanted to bring a "typical" American summertime dessert, so I brought a fruit cobbler. I originally wanted to make McGlinchey's recipe (shout out *snap* *snap*) but of course I couldn't find frozen peaches at the grocery store. Just another one of the difficulties that comes with moving to another country - it's really difficult to find a lot of the things I'm used to cooking with. Anyway, I got a few bags of frozen mixed berries, and made the cobbler with that. It was okay - a little tart - but not close to as good as the blueberries and peach combo of McG's. :) I'll give you the recipe for the peach and blueberry combo because it tastes like HEAVEN.

Blueberry/Peach Cobbler

2 bags frozen peaches
2 bags frozen blueberries
2 sticks softened butter
2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
2 cups oats
Cinnamon to taste (1/4 - 1/2 tsp)

Pour fruit into large baking dish.
Mix all other ingredients in a large bowl - leave "rough" looking.
Pour mixture over the fruit in the baking dish.
Take 1/2 stick cold butter, slice very thin, and spread out over crust.
Sprinkle a little bit of sugar over top (approx. 2 Tbsp)
Bake @ 350 F - 375 F for an hour or until golden brown.

Super easy, and super good!

We had a great time at their place. They are seriously the best hosts ever. My wine glass was constantly full, and they were always up and down, up and down, getting all sorts of yummy food. They had a few other Swiss guests there as well, who were able to give us lots of tips and info about Switzerland and Zurich. Apparently the right side of Lake Zurich is known as the "Gold Coast" because the sun is always shining and tons of wealthy people live there. They also told me the nickname for the left side, where we live, but I can't remember it. :( We played the Swiss card game "Mouse" and really enjoyed everyone's company.

Then, last night, I met up with another friend to go to Zurich's month-long outdoor movie theater - Orange Cinema - over in the Zurichhorn. It was not at all like I expected. I thought there would be a screen, some chairs, etc. This place had put up a bar, a few restaurants, stadium seating - it was crazy! We saw The Tourist, which I heard from several people wasn't that good, but of course I really liked it. I'm not hard to please at all when it comes to movies. I just need it to be entertaining - not Golden Globe worthy. It was a great time with a friend that I haven't seen in forever - Hi Stacy!

Large screen folded down.

Seats behind us.

One of the restaurant selections, a Grill.

The one we chose to go to, it was Asian food.

The bar, with some "rooftop" seating.

Last picture, screen came up and the movie's starting! The really cool thing about the screen is that if you look closely, the big metal posts that are holding it up were actually in the lake water. The lake and mountains were in the background, past the screen. It was gorgeous.

Today it's pouring here so we're just chilling out on the couch, watching some movies and attempting to clean the apartment.

Have a great Sunday!

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