Monday, July 11, 2011

Six Months Down, Thirty To Go...

I've lived in Zurich, Switzerland for 6 months now. Crazy. We arrived on January 10th, and last night when Paul and I got into bed we were remarking on how quickly the time has passed. We've lived here for half of a year! We're here for at least another 2.5, I think I can... I think I can...

I left an extremely demanding, time-consuming job to come here. Going from 110% to zero has been a very difficult adjustment, and one that I've cried about numerous times. Just in the past week however, I've started to feel more at peace with my place in life right now, and with the fact that I'm not really filling a role that I ever thought I would fill. I'm finally allowing myself to just revel in the fact that this is an opportunity that most would love to have, and that will not be afforded to me forever.

Lying under a tree by Lake Zurich

Some may ask - what does a 26 year old hausfrau do to keep herself busy? Well - I babysit twice a week, take care of our apartment, volunteer at the American Women's Club and hang out with friends... oh, annnnnd you know... drag my dog down to Lake Zurich and entertain myself by teaching him to swim in freezing cold water.

What? Not normal?

It's just so cute when those little ears float out to the side while he paddles along. Hey, my parents made me take swimming lessons in an ice cold community pool at 8:30 in the morning. I have no qualms about taking Richie in with me for a bone-chilling dip. He has fur!

On one of the several times that he paddled out and ran back to the blanket - leaving me to run after him while trying to cover my under-boob and saying "entschuldigung" to those I ran by - he was caught completely off-guard by another dog trailing behind him. I watched this dog sniff Richie's hiney for a good 5 seconds before Richie noticed - and when he did he was so startled and completely jerked around in a 180. I laughed out loud. I never get tired of this little guy.

"Hey man, in my country this is NOT acceptable."

Photo shoots with mom are AWESOME.

Oh I also want to mention that I went to a yoga class at AirYoga's Fabrikstrasse studio tonight with a friend. Zurichers - go to AirYoga! It's great. This is the second time I've attended this particular class and I can't recommend the teacher enough. It's Hatha Yoga with Stephen Thomas. I actually received a recommendation for him from a teacher at another studio - he's that good. All of the directions he gives are so clear and detailed, which is something any yoga student - new or old - can use. I'll admit though - some of the stuff he talks about is a little out there. I catch myself frowning and giving incredulous "are you for real??" looks before I remember that I'm not alone in my apartment with Richie, and no it's not okay to react like that. Some people, they just can't hold it together.

Happy 1/2 Year Anniversary to the Stewart Family!

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  1. This is awesome Laura! Definitely jealous! Glad you guys are having a blast!