Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ristorante Pulcino

Last night was the second time we've been to the italian restaurant Pulcino in old-town. It's pretty reasonably priced, particularly for Zurich standards, and the food is really yummy. Both times I've gone I've gotten something different, and both times I've wanted what my hubs got. Why does that always seem to happen? I have super-bad buyer's remorse, and always seem to regret the things I purchase. Paul likes to joke around that I have a 95% return rate to stores. It's really not that bad, I just like to make sure things are perfect! Note to self: when I return, get the lasagna bolognese. If you live in Zurich, or visit - go to the section of Niederdorfstrasse with all of the restaurants on it and you'll find a ton of different options. Italian, Mexican (eh..), Fondue, plenty of bars. Definitely a fun area for a night with warm weather.

I just realized that I wrote that this restaurant is reasonably priced. It makes me laugh, because it is literally about 100 swiss francs (110-120 dollars) for two simple meals and 2-3 drinks (combined, not per person!) Back at home that would have been expensive, now it's a "cheaper" restaurant. Our concept of money has had to change drastically. To give you a little perspective, look at the list of the most expensive cities in the world. Did you think Manhattan was pricey? It's fallen to #44, and Zurich is #6!!! It should come as no surprise to you that I'll be stocking up on lots and lots of things when I come home for a wedding (shout out - Cristie and Blake!) in August.

Moving on, if you move to (or visit) Switzerland from the US, there are two things you'll probably notice. 1) People smoke, a. lot. And 2) bikes are super-popular as a mode of transportation. I seriously never imagined myself purchasing a bike as a way to get around, but after our outing last night, where Martijn and Marjon were our chauffeurs on their bikes, I'm seriously considering it. However, when I woke up this morning my abs hurt from laughing so hard at the way Paul and Martijn looked on their bike.

The pictures are blurry because they were taken with my phone, while I was moving on the back of Marjon's bike, and Paul and Martijn were moving on their bike.

Such a handsome couple.

Please Paul, by all means - do NOT put down the beer.

Paul's taking advantage of the situation, and holding on tight!

I told her I loved riding on her bike, and that I wanted to do it again. Her response? "Well of course you do! You don't have to do any work, you just get transported!" Way to call me out, Marjon! Just think - I'm helping you work your buns!

She's my chauffeur, I'm her butler!
So there is an Ironman going on Zurich right now, I was supposed to head out earlier this morning to catch it. Oops. Going to go shower then possibly head out. Seeing Hangover 2 tonight as well! Woo hoo!

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