Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old Souls...

Last night we didn't get in until pretty late. That's not really like us anymore. What can I say? I'm an old soul. The Penn State partying is loooong gone.

Why were we out so late? Because it was Martijn's BIRTHDAY!

Paul and I started the night at the Outback restaurant at Stadelhofen. It's not the same as the Outback chains back home, but has a similar vibe. I was feeling the Monster Truck Burger (I'm such a man) and Paul got the Kangaroo steak. Weird, right? I tasted a bite, wasn't diggin' it.

Then we headed on over to meet up with some friends at a bar called Papa Joe's. This was actually one of the first bars that we actually went to when we moved to Zurich, but it was certainly not the highlight of the evening. The next bar - Widder Bar - was also very nice, but still not the highlight of the evening.

Oh no, the highlight of the evening was the Splendid Bar. Paul and I had been here once before, and always referred to it as the Piano Bar, because there is a man there singing and playing the piano. We didn't know the history behind it though, or it's reputation as a "meet-up" spot for singles (and even some hookers!!) until Dieter (our own little Swiss tour guide) explained it to us. It was AMAZING watching so many people make complete fools of themselves trying to hook up with other people and get shut down, or have the hookers sit on their laps after only speaking with them for a few minutes. When I saw some of their outfits my jaw literally dropped, because they were SO out of place. For the most part, this was a NORMAL bar! Really famous people visit it when they come to Zurich, and apparently Cindy Crawford was even just recently there. I guess that's just part of the "scene" there. It was weird, but funny.

This is the guy that made the evening!

The pianist was fantastic. He played lots of oldies that are/were famous in the States, but everyone there seemed to know them as well. It was so fun to sing and dance along. If you're looking for some entertainment, head there after 11 or 12. It's over in the Niederdorf area.

Happy Weekend!

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