Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feelin' Good and Lookin' Fly

OMG I got a deal. A bargain. In Switzerland? The most expensive country in Europe? Okay - I'm not sure if that's exactly accurate, but let's just allow it for the sake of drama.

I got this dress today for 50 CHF. (A little over $60). I did not see this coming. I can spend 50 Swiss Francs on a simple lunch here, so to get a dress for that completely made my day.

Well, that, and seeing my friend Piia who has been home in Finland for the past month. She finally came back and we met up for lunch and to do a little shopping. Shopping with Piia is always a good idea because I can just pick out things that I think she might pick out, and then buy them. Seriously - I really don't think I have a good fashion sense, but my new rule of thumb is to ask myself if Piia would wear it. Kind of a "WWPW?" if you will. She is super well-dressed. Paul and I randomly met she and her boyfriend in Starbuck's one morning when we first arrived here, and I immediately recognized her as being a good dresser. In fact, one of the first things I told her was that I liked her stockings; I then promptly clamped my hand over my mouth, eyes wide, because I learned in "Cultural Training" (before we moved here) that people in Switzerland don't compliment each other. So then of course I had to explain this, and exacerbate the awkward situation even more. She's not even Swiss, but I didn't know that yet!

Seriously though, why is complimenting people so unpopular here? In the U.S. girls are always telling each other that they like the other's hair, shoes, dress, eyeshadow, etc. I mean, don't say it unless you mean it, but if you like something, tell the other person! Make them feel good! Sincere compliments can make your day. Heck, even insincere compliments can make my day. I don't care if you mean it - just say it!

We were talking about how her boyfriend and Paul both tell us that certain things we wear are "hideous." Anything a tiny bit different, not common, whatever, is soooo unreasonable. Paul loves to call clothes that he doesn't like "aggressive." Really high heels or tall boots? Aggressive. Off the shoulder shirts? Aggressive. Shorts that hit your knees? Don't even get me started.

Anyway - I told Piia to read my blog, so, Hi Piia!

Off to light some incense and relax for the rest of the night. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not...



  1. cute dress.. a thick belt around the waste and boots. YUM

  2. Hi Laura and Piia, just for the record: I do L-O-V-E all your dresses (and shoes, bags etc.), you always look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! - Ok Paul, now it’s your turn…

  3. HEY Laura, I love reading your blog, great fun! Esp. when you write about me =). Thank you, I feel honoured.. Are you wearing the dress this evening?