Friday, July 15, 2011

Bodega Espanola and Nacht Flug

I spent yesterday babysitting the boys. We did crafts, rode the bus, terrorized ducks, it was a great time.

When I got back into Zurich I immediately met up with some friends for dinner. We ended up going to a Spanish restaurant in Old Town called "Bodega Espanola" on M├╝nstergassestrasse, where we split a wonderful bottle of Rioja, and a huge platter of paella. I've never had paella before; it was good, but definitely different. The way that they served the seafood was just so odd to me. The shrimp still had all of its casing on - which I've noticed a lot here in Zurich - but it also had its legs. It actually kind of skeeved me out.

He serenaded us, then came around asking for money. Awesome.

The paella.

After dinner we decided to have a few drinks at a bar called Nacht Flug, because it was in a really vibrant, open square in Old Town called St├╝ssihofstatt. The bar had a great atmosphere and we had a good time talking about how much we've all come to love living in Zurich. Our lives have completely changed, but so far it's mainly for the better.

Katie and I each had a few glasses of white wine and Allie got a Pilsner beer.

I made them let me take a picture. I told them they would become famous when my blog hit it big - Allie told me that if that happened I'd have to start paying her for her picture. Nice, Allie!

It was a really fun night out with these girls, and we just didn't run out of things to talk about. We have to take advantage of not really working, and do this more! I also need to start bringing my camera out, and not only using my phone for pictures. The 3.2 megapixel camera in it just isn't working. ;)

I'm off - ciao!

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