Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogging Etiquette

I've been thinking about "Blogging Etiquette" today. I'm a new blogger, and I started this blog as a way to document my life in a new country, as well as to communicate with family and friends back home. As I've gotten more into reading other blogs and writing this one, I've added bits and pieces to it.

Today I decided that my blog needed an "About" section, as well as a section that lists the blogs that I most often visit. I've noticed that every blog I'm on has these sections. I know that I personally always click on the "About" page of other blogs, because I like to know a little bit more about the writer behind the posts - it's interesting! I also think that having a page where you list the blogs that you read is a good way to build rapport and network with others in the blogging community.

That being said, most of the blogs I read are by BIG bloggers. If you read any health or fitness blogs, you've probably come across the blogs that I have listed. The baby blogs (because I'm obsessed with babies!) are all listed as the top baby blogs on the internet. I comment occasionally when I read some of these blogger's posts, but more often than not I just read the day's musings, and move on. Most of these people have no clue who I am, or what my blog is. So that brings me to my point - am I supposed to let these bloggers know that I'm listing their blog on my site as part of a "Blog Love" or "Blog Roll" section? I read their blogs daily because I really like them, and want others to be able to enjoy them as well! I just wonder how this works. What is proper etiquette? I see the traffic that my blog gets, and it's way more than just friends and family reading it. So, if you're a blogger - can you help a sista out? Wouldn't want to make a gaffe (yeah senior year vocab quiz, coming in handy!) and do the wrong thing here.

Danke Schön!

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  1. Iv noticed in a few of your blogs u have recipes. Any chance you can make a recipe tab(button) to easily get to them? :)