Sunday, July 3, 2011

Allmend and Burkliplatz

Just got back from grilling out by Lake Zurich. Our friends Dan and Allie came to pick up their dogs that we'd been watching, and we decided to bring some food and grill out as an early celebration of the 4th of July. It's sad that everyone will be working tomorrow and no one will even really recognize the day.

Last night we got a few drinks with our Dutch friends Martijn and Marjon. Marjon is finally in Zurich for good! She just graduated with her second Masters in some sort of Science field, and she is now here to paarrrrrtay! (Slash, find a job.)

Poor little Richard is beat. Tired and laying on the couch with dad. I think he'll miss the other two dogs tomorrow, but right now he's happy to just cuddle and sleep.

If you live in Zurich and have a dog, you should really make an effort to go to Allmend. It's a large park with a river running through it, and tons and tons of dogs are there running and playing together - it's so fun to watch.

Also worth going to see is the Burkliplatz flea market. I found two old frames there and bought them. It's hard to find cute frames here; everything I find is either so modern and new looking, or really, really expensive. I knew that if I looked carefully enough at the flea market I would find something unique and not too pricey. Please just grab an iced coffee and wander through one Saturday - there is so much stuff there to just look (and gawk) at!

Time to go to bed, goodnight!

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