Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yesterday was Paulie-boo's bday. 27!!! All day he kept getting away with stuff by saying "But it's my BIRTHDAY!"

I had a dream that I overslept and missed my hair appointment, and then woke up and only had 30 minutes until I had to leave for my hair appointment - weirdddd. Don't worry - highlights and cut only cost a mere 264 swiss francs (around $300 I think). It wasn't even a fancy place either, Zurich is insane.

Met up with my friend Allie and a girl that is new to the American Women's Club of Zurich. I am the Welcome Chair, and Allie is the Membership Chair, so we try to reach out to new members. This girl was in our age bracket, so the three of us got together for drinks. We had drinks that I see EVERYWHERE in Switzerland. They're called "Aperol Spritz." I don't think they're strictly a European drink or anything, but I've only ever seen them here. They're pretty strong and pretty good.

We all told the stories of how we met our husbands. I told them how I met Paul at Penn State and thought he was SO cute. I walked by him and said hi to his friend, but pretended not to notice him. Then I told a mutual friend that Paul would be my "next conquest." MUAH HA HA HA!

Afterwards I rushed home, wrapped Paul's present - a Swiss Army knife with all of the "essentials." A corkscrew, bottle opener, and cigar cutter.

Made a Mexican dinner, then headed out to a bar for some celebratory drinks! Our Dutch friends Martijn and Marjon joined us. We ordered Irish Car Bombs. For those of you who don't know this (because I didn't) an Irish Car Bomb is actually named after something that occurred during the Irish Revolution. Irish people put bombs in cars of British people. I had NO idea. I figured it was made out of all Irish alcohol (Guinness, Bailey's, and Jameson) and got you "bombed." Oh, no, that's not it at all. And, in Europe you're really not supposed to order them by that name in bars. Apparently British people get SUPER offended. I ordered some a few weeks ago and a guy next to me started getting angry and told me it was like ordering a "9/11 shot." I told him I had no idea, I had never heard of what was behind the name.

Anywho, we hung out at this bar for a little while and then went home. I hitched a ride on the back of Marjon's bike. Not fun - you feel like you're going to fall off and the metal hurts your hiney. They said that's how everyone rides around in Holland - she always rides on the back while Martijn pedals - even uphill! The first thing he did when he got to the bar last night was peel off his sweater until he was just in a white undershirt because he was so hot from pedaling with her on the back. She promptly told him he looked ridiculous and made him put his sweater back on. I told her that I love when she's mean to him because it makes me feel better about being a little mean to Paul. She goes "It's not mean - it's the truth!" HAHA!

Okay, time to go clean the apartment, it is an atrocious mess.


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