Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Three Stooges

Richie has friends over! We're watching two dogs of our friends while they travel to Verbier, Switzerland for the next few days, and Richie is really living it up. Today on our way in from our first walk he was making circles in the stairwell so fast that his legs slipped out from underneath him, and he kept rushing ahead of us. When he got to the door he pushed inside and ran to the kitchen. Usually Richie stops in the hallway, waits for me to take off his leash, and then moseys his way around our apartment. Today he raced into the kitchen and stood next to the water bowls looking at us. It kind of seemed like he was trying to tell Jack and Penny "See? See? This is where I live! This is my door. Okay now I go in here to get drinks!" It was so cute I laughed out loud.

Moving to Europe brings so much excitement. When Paul and I were planning our trip and I was feeling a little bit down about leaving my job and my friends, we would make lists of all of the different places we wanted to visit. Of course, one thing that we didn't really think about until we got here was what we would do with little Richie when we traveled. We've decided to take trains to as many places as we can - and have been pretty good about it so far - so that we can bring Richie with us. Flying is so much more difficult - the airline we're taking to Venice at the end of July won't allow any pets in the cabin! Of course, this is a source of anxiety for us, as Richie is our first-born. Most people probably think "Duh, just put him in a kennel." WRONG. Richie has never been in a kennel. I just can't fathom the idea of locking him in a little area where he doesn't know anyone and feels uncomfortable and scared. He's not a normal dog, he's more like a sensitive little person.

So, the issue becomes - where do we leave him? We were really scared about this before we made friends here; we didn't know what we were going to do. Luckily, we've met several couples who have dogs and are more than willing to watch Richie and give him lots of love (and couches, beds and pillows to lie on). I know that I just wouldn't be able to enjoy a trip if I knew that my little guy was scared and locked up somewhere strange. He needs belly rubs and long conversations! (I know this, because I give him both.)

I'll leave you with some pics of the furbabies, because right now I need to get off and mediate a squabble over who gets the rib bone. They're all staring at the dog who has it right now, wondering when he will give it up.

The vet here calls him "The Prince of Pennsylvania"

I let her hang out with me because I know she misses "girl time" with her mom.

Umm, Richie is the alpha male here, I swear.

Have a great night!

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