Friday, June 3, 2011

The Stewarts Are Coming! The Stewarts Are Coming!

Paul's parents land bright and early tomorrow morning! I made sure to pick up all of Richie's massacred friends (squirrels, rabbits, ducks) from the living room and vacuumed up balls of his black hair from every where in the apartment. I'm doing all of this work, while he's lying on the couch from a long day of..... what again?? It's a good thing he's so cute!

So we plan to bring them back to our place tomorrow, where we'll have breakfast and they can pull themselves together after their overnight flight. Then we'll probably walk around downtown Zurich, stop at a cafe, or do something easy. We'll do some hiking/sight-seeing over the next few days, then head to Paris on Wednesday morning! I have my Paris books out that people gave me when I studied there three years ago.

Trying to brush up on all of the major things we need to see, I am forgetting so much! When I was there, I was pretty much just consumed with trying to "vivre Parisienne" - live like a Parisian. I mean, I did all the main museums, historical sights, etc, but I just don't really remember a lot about them. Of course I do remember where to buy a good 3 euro baguette sandwich, where they have free Wi-Fi, and the most fun places to go out (le Quartier Latin. Kristen, Caroline and I did NOT dance on tables at a place in that area....)

Going to go to bed now, have to get up at 6 tomorrow to bake banana bread. That's what good little hausfrau's do! Nitey nite!

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