Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spritz Shnecke?!

Not much has really been happening since Saturday when we narrowly escaped death's clutches while being chased by cows, but Paul just told me that people are going to stop checking my blog if I don't consistently update it.

So, here goes...

Two observations over the past two days...

1) I don't normally miss my car, because the public transportation in Zurich is spot-on. However, I have been caught twice now taking trains and trams home from IKEA with multiple bags that are so heavy they leave scratches and marks on my arms for the next few days. Yesterday I bought so much that a friend had to help me take them home to her house, load it all into a giant rolling suitcase, and then help me heave that on and off of the trams. Of course I had Richie with me, because who wouldn't bring their dog everywhere they go? On the last tram there was a little bit of animosity between a few of us who were all crammed into a small section. Don't you know my new home purchases are more important than you and your sleeping baby? Dummies.

I bought all sorts of shelves and jars and cute decorative things to make our apartment here more homey. "Yes Paul, these things are cute. No Paul, they may not be quite as functional. But please, install them STAT."

2) Kids love sprinklers, hoses and slip-and-slides here just as much as they do back in the good ol' U.S. of A. It was 80 degrees here today (although here they record temperatures in celsius. So if I said to anyone living here that I couldn't believe it was 80 degrees they'd think I was insane). It was SO. HOT. The first thing I did when I got to my kids' house was ask their mom if they had a sprinkler. She said "Oh, yes, we have a Spritz Shnecke!" Now, I thought "Spritz Shnecke" was probably just one long word for sprinkler. Nope - I found out that it means "Spraying Snail" and that is exactly what these little monsters had. The thing had antennas that whipped around, spraying water so hard that we were basically watering our neighbors' lawn today for 2 hours.

It was all fun and games until they started shooting me in the hiney with super soakers - that's when I had to bring out my mean voice and tell them that I would take the guns away. Didn't take any pics, because the baby didn't have a swimsuit on he just ran around nakey and I'm not trying to get deported from Switzerland for posting child pornography online. The two other boys' swimsuits were so different than what little boys in America wear. Tight, short little skivvies - actually kinda cute. Not bikini bottoms, just tighter and shorter shorts than the trunks I'm used to.

Now I'm going to take an ice cold shower to try to cool off. Our apartment is atrociously hot since there is no A/C here. We sleep with 2 fans blasting on us and no blankets - fun!

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  1. I miss my car when I'm trying to drag the groceries home. I don't know why I thought I could manage a 6 pack of Cola, two bottles of Ginger Ale, and three different types of juices. Plus two bags of groceries. Now I have marks on my arm and a very sore shoulder.

    Thankfully it cooled down. I treated myself o frozen yogurt and a cold shower. Luckily our apartment is nicely insulate so it stays cool.