Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday with the Stewarts

So, the Stewart's arrived yesterday (Saturday), happy but jet-lagged. We showed them around part of Zurich, and got a pretzel and a Bugel beer at a lakeside eatery (beer, pretzels, and sausage - "that's what Zurich does.")

They were REALLY exhausted last night. I was too nice to take pictures, but they could NOT keep their eyes open. Vik passed out face-down on the couch, it was too funny.

This morning Paul woke up at 7 and I woke up at 8; both of us were nervous that his parents would be up and waiting for us, bored. Turns out these young "kids" slept in until 10, at which point Paul finally knocked on the door and woke them up! He seemed to think that they would be mad if we let them sleep in until noon. We kept joking around asking each other - "are the kids awake yet??"

We walked around a different part of Zurich today, and went to a really popular sausage stand where we got bratwursts and bread. You dip the brats in super spicy "Senf" - that's their word for Mustard.

Vikki has told us that she just wants to sit in a cafe in Europe and eat pastries, so we went into a super pretty cafe called "Cafe Felix." This place is gorgeous and has the best desserts. We chose the "Waffel Wiener, Brezel Schoggi and Nuss Shinzel."

Later we took them to the dog park where we go with Richie; he showed off in front of them by swimming through the river. His little ears floated out to the sides of his head while he paddled - HE'S SO CUTE!

Now Vikki keeps begging me to go to the Red Light District, she knows it's amateur night somewhere over there. Geez - in-laws these days.

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  1. That pretzel looks awesome!