Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Baby Bear Cub

So everyone knows that Richie is basically our child. We often refer to ourselves (among ourselves) as "the Stewart Pack." Richie is the "little baby bear cub", I'm the mama bear, and Paul is the papa bear. This may be a bit pathetic, but it's all in the name of love.
Also in the name of love? Spending 60 euro to have an artist in Montmartre (an area of Paris) make a charcoal drawing of Richie. I want to frame it and put it up, but I just really don't think it looks enough like him. She made him have more of a squished nose than he really has...

This morning I had to wake up semi-early for a meeting at the American Women's Club. I was trying to make my bed before I left - but someone JUST wasn't having it.

"I hate early mornings, mom!"

If you remember a few weeks ago we were in Lugano for wine tasting. We got tipsy and ordered a few cases - Oops! Well, they've been arriving and the last arrived today. I had to carry it home from the Post Office. I received a notice to pick a package up so I went down there - when I saw what it was I smiled and told the lady "Das ist wein! Das ist gut." She looked at me and laughed and said "Ja, das IST gut!" I'm so fluent it hurts...

Well, I'm off to go for a run. I head to Bern, Switzerland this Sunday with some girlfriends to run in a 10k. I've been trying to get into shape for it, but every time I head out for a jog all I can feel is my hiney cheeks wiggling behind me. If running was just a teeny bit easier, I'd do it all the time!

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