Thursday, June 16, 2011

Language Barrier - Not Such A Bad Thing?

So today I was on my way to babysit my boys, when I passed by a flower stand. I walked over to the geraniums, took a look at how blooming and beautiful they were, and promptly made my way to the man in charge to ask why mine are nothing but green leaves.
"Gruetzi! Sprechen Sie englische?"
"Umm, sprechen Sie franzozische?"
"Umm, Ich habe die geranien" (I have geraniums) - and then this is where I can no longer speak german and for some reason decide he will understand french "et ils sont morts." (and they are dead.) I proceed to flop my hands and hang my head - you know, dead looking.
I told him that I didn't know why they were dead, or what I was doing wrong. Obviously he didn't understand me, but I could tell he was asking me exactly which geraniums I had. I pointed to the red ones. He whisked three of them out and walked over to where his cash register was set up. I started to panic, thinking - "I've just killed eight! I don't want to buy any more!" But get this - he gave them to me for free!
I asked him - "Gratis? fur Mich??" And he just vigorously nodded his head.
I vehemently thanked him, then ran away to catch my tram before he could change his mind. I called Paul to ask him why he thought the man gave me free flowers. His first response was that maybe he thought I was pretty, and then the second was that maybe he thought I bought flowers from him and they died. An issue in communication. Well, I know I'm going with the first option. :)

Unfortunately, since I was on my way to work I had to carry the poor babies on and off the train, to the house, back down to the train (through a downpour in which I was caught and had no umbrella) and back to my house. I am hoping and praying I don't kill these as well. Why do mine keep dying? I water them, they're in the sun, I dead-head them. I just don't get it.

My new geraniums in their own little seat on the train.

Moving on - on Tuesday I promised the boys that if it was nice on Thursday we would go for a hike/picnic. Today we packed up our bikes (had to figure out how to work the bike pump to repair a flat tire - not an easy feat and we very narrowly escaped a high-pitched screaming crisis) packed a snack and the obligatory picnic blanket and headed out.

We stopped to climb down to the river. My idea was for them to dip their toes in (sounds so picturesque, right?) but they had on socks with their sandals. I don't know, I don't get it either.

After eating our snack - and arguing with the baby (who can't speak) over whether or not eating all chips and no fruit was okay - we started to play soccer. They kept kicking into this field area. Sometimes it would go in really far, and the 3 year old would get so scared about his brother going in. He would spread his legs and arms and block him yelling "No Luca! No!" - and then push me in to get it. Gee - thanks Elias.

Quite different from my old job, but cute in it's own way. :)

Nitey- nite!

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  1. wonderful kids, its really fun being with these angels..