Friday, June 24, 2011

Heading to the Andermatt

Has anyone seen the movie "Something Borrowed"? It's based off of one of Emily Giffin's books. I've read the book and liked it, so I was looking forward to seeing the movie. This is actually one of the first movies that did not completely disappoint me after reading the book. Usually the books are just so much better, but I loved both of the actresses in this movie (Kate Hudson and Maggy Gyllenhall). It also had Jim from The Office in it - WIN!

So after that 10k run last weekend, I'm really interested in registering for another race. Even though I run it solely to finish - and not to win - it really is motivating. I think I might have found one that is a 15k around a lake in Italy; it's scheduled for the end of July.

Tomorrow we're heading to the Andermatt region of Switzerland. Going with three other couples and our dogs. Richie has no idea that he's going to spend at least 5 hours hiking and running with 3 other dogs tomorrow - I wish I could tell him so he would understand. He would be looking forward to it so much right now!

Oh, by the way, not a huge deal or anything but..... WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE TODAY! THANK the good, sweet Lord. It was on the market for 6 months, and we've been paying our mortgage at home and our rent here for the last 4-5 months - so ridiculous! When Paul walked in the door today I said "Congratulations Paul, we did it! We're no longer homeowners!" We kept joking around that it is supposed to be the other way around, but at this point - and with this market at home in the US - it's really not a great thing to be a homeowner. At least, not if you're not positive you will be living in the house for at least 10 years. Such a huge burden.

Off to shower and pack for tomorrow's day in the Alps! Yippee! Burn calories... burn.


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  2. Hello Laura

    I just found your blog and I love it. For me as a native swiss its hilarious to read about all our habits and peculiaritys. I'm really glad they already introduced you to the washing machine rules. hihi :-) So now I have to do some work since all I did this afternoon in the office was to read your blog. pffffff

    love emma