Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Frauenlauf 10k

Hi all,

So I'm finally posting some pictures from the race this weekend! I met three girls at the Zurich main station and we took an hour train ride to Bern. When we arrived in Bern, it of course immediately started raining. Half of our run was in wind and rain, and half was in sunshine - very strange.

I just started running about one month ago in preparation for this run - I wasn't planning on attempting to win or anything, I was just trying to prevent myself from heaving and waddling the entire way. Before Sunday, the longest I had run was 4.5 miles, and part of it was walked. On Sunday I ran the entire 6! I actually had a pace that was a little bit quicker than normal as well. I think the crowds cheering everyone on, and the small bands that were placed intermittently along the course really helped.

Three of the girls when we arrived at the Bern train station.

All of us right before the race started.

You can tell by our faces that we are REALLY serious about this thing.

Right after we finished.

Talking about how happy we were that we finished and didn't walk!

Three of us with Dan after lunch.

It was a super fun day. At the end of our run Dan met us and awarded us each with a large Feldschlossen!

On the train ride home several men boarded dressed in very Swiss-looking mountain garb. We discussed how great it would be if they began yodeling. Guess what? They yodeled. Several times. A few of the girls recorded it on their phones. It was the first time I'd heard real, authentic yodeling since I've been here. What a great ending to the day!

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