Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Aux Champs Elysees"

(Can't insert accents into this blog, for those of you who are super smart and realize that 'Elysees' is missing one!)

We're headed to Paris EARLY tomorrow morning. We're taking the TGV- the super fast train that will get us there in 4.5 hours. I'm SO EXCITED! We'll see Dominique and Erik on Wednesday night. I just called her and left a completely butchered voicemail message - that I'm sure she's going to get a kick out of - because I can't remember my french!

Today Paul took his parents to Zug, where he works and to Lucerne.

I had to babysit the little boys, so I couldn't go along.

Have to make this short, so that I can go shower and pack for "Paree"! I will update you guys when I get back!

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