Saturday, June 18, 2011

AirYoga in Zurich

Zurich people who are reading this - if you're looking for a good yoga studio, try AirYoga. They have two locations, one in Niederdorf (Old Town) on Oberdorfstrasse, and one on Fabrikstrasse. I attended an Ashtanga class with Michael Hamilton on Oberdorfstrasse today, and it. was. insane. I seriously have never sweated that much - EVER! Even when I run! I was dripping. Sweat droplets falling into my eyes, hair completely soaked, and I was falling out of some of the poses simply because my grip was slipping. No, it wasn't a Bikram class, just a very difficult Ashtanga. Yes, yours truly fell and thumped onto the floor twice trying to do a headstand. Oh no, that's wrong; I couldn't even attempt the headstand - I fell trying to do just the shoulder stand! Every time I thumped on the floor I made eye contact with the instructor and just shrugged my shoulders. "What do you want from me? I only took this class because my friends were taking it!" I really belonged in the beginner's Ashtanga class.

I've also been to Planet Yoga in Enge. They have one beginner's Vinyasa class in English, and I definitely feel like it gave me a good stretch the few times I went, but I honestly did not even sweat 1/4 as much. I really feel like I got a good workout today!

So you know that I am running in a 10k in Bern tomorrow. Paul left today for a soccer tournament in Weggis. Before he left his words of advice were - "Laur, remember - if you're not first, you're last." Really nice, thanks Paul!

I'm bringing my phone with me tomorrow so that I can take some pictures of Bern and the Frauenlauf runners. Stay posted!


  1. Congrats on Yoga and your Run! I want to see pictures. In terms of yoga - was the last time you sweat that much when you were eating turkey during our thanksgiving meal and chasing it with red wine?

  2. don't forget elbowing people out of the way for more mashed potatoes.