Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Naughty Babies...

Well, today started out with Paul waking me up at what I *sweetly* informed him was the BEEP-Crack of Dawn... 8:30. He told me that I needed to stop complaining because I used to wake up at 4:30 every morning. But, I tell you - your body really gets adjusted to not having as many demands on it, and you can't do as much!

Anywho - we went over to the U.S. Consulate at 10:00 because we needed to get stuff for our house sale notarized. The security guard told us that we couldn't get it done because it was "Admin Day." I of course told him that I tried to call numerous times to determine if we could come today, but that no one answered, and that was NOT acceptable. He told me that we are Americans and we should know what Admin Day was. Paul goes "I have never heard of that before in my life." Apparently it is some obscure day once every few months where people from the Embassy come in and make sure everything is "running properly." So I kept asking for the person who was in charge and he refused to let us speak to her, so then my eyes started welling up with tears and I asked Paul if I should cry - maybe that would get us in. He said no. I said "What if I yell?!" He told me I was ridiculous. So, we ended up leaving after the man told us over and over again that we needed to send an email to make an appointment. I told him that if they had answered the phone last week and told me that was what I supposed to do there never would have been any problem. He just kept saying to send an email. I would have taken a picture of him but I was too busy. Crying.

Then I went to work and babysat the little boys. It started off with just the younger two - Elias (3) and Dominik (almost 2).

We continued fighting and throwing legos at each other which brought Elias into time-out, and Dominik, Luca and I into Luca's room to color.

There we played peacefully until Mom and Dad came home, at which point we decided to start screaming, throwing Jenga blocks, and pushing each other. All three kids were crying and I was trying to get one into time-out. Mom and Dad came to the rescue and consoled the kids for about 15 seconds, at which point they were all fine again. It was REALLY something to be upset about, apparently.

I really do like them, they're just naughty little babies!

Now it's back to watching Paul count all the money in his Savings Jar. For the 2nd time this week. And it's only Tuesday. Silly little guy.


  1. So I now look forward to reading your posts it's like my own little soap ... thanks for being such great entertainment ... LOVE YOU GUYS!